Flaxseed Gel Recipe

Flaxeed gel Recipe
¼ cup of flaxeed
2 cups of water
5 drops of Essential oils of your choice (Adding essential oils add scent to the gel but
they also act as preservatives).
1. Combine the Flaxseed and water in a pan over medium heat, stirring
2. The mixture will start boiling.
3. Continue stirring gently and constantly.
4. The mixture will start having a jelly-like consistency.
5. When the seeds remain suspended in the gel, turn off the heat.
6. Drain the mixture through a strainer into a bowl.
7. After the mixture has cooled, add 5 drops of essential oils.
8. Whisk the mixture to break any clumps.
9. Pour the mixture into a container and store in the refrigerator for maximum
shelf life.
Flaxseed gel can last up to 2 weeks refrigerated.