About us


In her second year of medical school in St Kitts and Nevis, Christelle decided to “big chop” her hair and grow it back using only natural ingredients. It was in her kitchen that she started making her own concoction and sharing her progress with her friends on social media. Her results gathered so much interest that she was encouraged to share her journey with others and started a blog in September 2013.

Her followers consisted mostly of friends and family that lived in Haiti, a country where it was nearly impossible to find those ingredients. Green beauty was not yet embraced nor understood in Haiti at that time. Christelle became inspired and saw this as an opportunity to bring clean beauty products to her home country. Three months later she moved back and the Onaturell brand was born.

In a country where ecommerce platform was non-existent, it was a challenged to get products to customers. Christelle was determined and managed by taking orders over the phone and hand delivering her products.

Christelle quickly realized that hand delivering was not going to be a long-term solution; it was time to have her products in store. Out of all the companies she presented her products, only one had agreed to carry her line with one condition that in a month they would sell out of their first order. Luckily it did! The success with this supermarket was like domino effect, soon after supermarkets, beauty supply stores started reaching out to her to have Onaturell at their store because their customers kept asking for it.

The first collection was met with such high praise and demand for more products, prompting her to enroll at the prestigious Formula Botanica. Imbued with science, Onaturell has gone beyond its initial scope to include skin care products.

Onaturell’s goal has always been to go beyond the mere distribution of great products. Although Onaturell was on the shelves of the most selective beauty supply stores and supermarkets in Haiti, Christelle deemed it necessary to control the experience and the narrative that came with selling them. Two years later, Onaturell opened its first brick and mortar and hired a three young women to embark with her on this journey. The store has allowed them to educate their customers through workshops and most importantly connect with them.

Onaturell’s story is still being written and Christelle is determined to share her passion and her line with the world because she believes natural products should be available to everyone.