About us


Starting as a skin and hair care blog in September 2013, Onaturell was a platform for Christelle to share her passion for natural ingredients with the world.
Her tips and tutorials quickly garnered global interest, sparking the realization that although Onaturell had a large following in Christelle’s home country of Haiti, it was near impossible to find natural products there, making it difficult for her fans to benefit from the recipes she posted.

So, fuelled by her desire to bring pure beauty products to Haiti, Christelle moved back just two months after the launch of her blog, and the Onaturell brand was born.

The first collection consisted only of 6 carrier oils, 6 essential oils, 3 natural butters and 3 styling creams, all carefully made by Christelle herself, with honest, high-quality ingredients. It was met with universal praise, and high demand for more products prompted her to enroll at the prestigious Formula Botanica to expand her knowledge of organic cosmetic formulation, so that she could provide the best possible product to her customers. 

Despite the company’s rapid growth and ever-increasing popularity, Onaturell has never lost its belief that synthetic and harsh chemicals have no place in our beauty routines. The extensive range is still only formulated in-house from start to finish, with 100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Onaturell still holds the same passion for educating its followers about natural skin and hair care as it did in its early blog days, and also strives to grow with the same passion and integrity poured into each product.